• Design, fabrication, and characterisation of optical microcavities with distributed Bragg reflector mirrors for coupling light and excitons.
  • van der Waals stacking of 2D materials
  • Angle resolved reflectivity measurements
  • Photoluminsescence spectroscopy of exciton polaritons:

Near-field (real space) and far-field (momentum space) imaging
Polarisation and time-resolved (2 ps resolution)
Temperature dependence (4K – 300K)
Spectral resolution 0.015 nm
Tunable CW pump: 715 – 885 nm
Tunable femstosecond pump: 1060 – 1080 nm
Fixed wavelength CW pump: 532 nm
Spatio-temporal coherence measurements: g(1)(r,t)

Photon correlations measurements (coming soon): g(2)


Cryostat: Janis ST-500
· Continuous flow cryostat
· Temperature dependent measurements; 4K – 300K

CW Laser: M2 SolsTiS-7W-BRF-R
Tunable Ti:Sapphire laser; 715 – 885 nm, 1W peak power

Femtosecond Laser: Chameleon Ultra II
· 140-fs, 80-MHz Ti:Sapphire laser
· Tunable (680 – 1080 nm, >3.5 W average power at 800 nm)

Spectrometers: Acton IsoPlane SCT 320, Andor Kymera 328i, Andor Shamrock 500i
· Multi-channel monochromators/spectrographs
· 0.015-nm resolution

Streak camera: Optronis SC-10
· 2-ps resolution
· Synchroscan for 80-Mhz laser
· Single-shot triggered mode